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There is a pouring out of the Holy Spirit

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A Ministry You Must See

You may have heard.

But this is

Speaking Hands is a Unique, Anointed, Powerful Ministry who use Sign Language to interpret Gospel and Inspirational Music. For over 16 years, Speaking Hands have bridged the gap between Hearing and Hearing Impaired Communities through that Universal Language, Music. Conferences come to a stand still in awe.  Banquets are transformed into Church Service. Birthday parties become more than a celebration.

Sadness at Funerals is replaced with Spiritual comfort. Prayer Breakfast programs are Anointed with the Holy Spirit.

Lives young and old are changed.

They say a Picture is worth a Thousand words.
The message is clear in,


The Ultimate Experience Of Pure Musical Praise In Motion

Under the Spiritual leadership of Dr. Claudette Barrett

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